I'm not quite sure what else could have gone wrong today, but the way
things have been going, I'm tempting fate just by writing this. It's not
that there were that many really bad things - just that there
were a whole bunch of moderately nasty things that just all combined to
annoy the bloody hell out of me.

The toaster broke. Big deal - it's a $20 Tiffany one that I can replace
whenever I actually get around to it. Just means that we can only make
toast using the griller on the stove.

The washing machine broke. Buggrit! I have enough clothes to last me
until about Tuesday of next week, and then I'm in trouble. Again, not a
big problem - it's still under warranty - but it's a nuisance. I don't
have any army clothes though - I was washing them when it broke. It
sloshes, but it doesn't spin, so I can't even get the dirty water out of
the thing. I've taken all the clothes out and will probably wash them by
hand sometime over the weekend.

My bike insurance was knocked back by Swann because they stuffed up the
paperwork. They wanted a copy of my driving history, but they neglected
to actually inform me of the fact. Oops... Not a problem...
except that I only discovered that my bike was no longer insured last
night and I was planning on riding to the Grand Prix on the weekend.
Bugger. Will have to organise new insurance before the end of the week
anyway though, as I need it to ride to work every day.

We've also discovered yet another inconsistency in the ISS
RealSecure database, which means I'm going to be at work until very
early tomorrow morning writing scripts etc to fix everything. Not fun...
I have enough web design work to do after hours for Dad et al, so this
is not a welcome imposition on my time.

Our vulnerability scans against the BigPond Home servers keep returning
different results. Not just over different days, but if we run two scans
in one hour.

All in all, nothing majorly terrible has happened today, but damn it,
I'm going to be grumpy anyway.