This morning I picked up my brothers, David and Tony, from the airport after
their flight from Brisbane. They're down for the U20 National Fencing
Championships, and are crashing with Syndia and me for the duration of their

Their first impression of Melbourne was - typically - a miserable, cold,
windy day in the middle of Summer. Driving back into the city from the
airport, they were greeted with such inspiring sights as the John Deere
Tractor Factory, a whole bunch of industrial buildings and a rain squall
just as we were crossing the West Gate Bridge. Not the kind of welcome you'd
find memorable in a positive way.

I had to go in to work after that, and since they'd had to get up a bit
before 3am to catch their red-eye flight, they were happy to just crash on
the floor, and were still there when I returned home that night. A small
amount of food later they were both ready to go to sleep again, making for
an uneventful first day in a strange city.