Bought a wireless LAN base station today, along with a few bits and
pieces. It's a cute little toy, a Nokia A020 - not much more than a
glorified ethernet interface with a PCMCIA slot attached. It's currently
talking at 2Mbps using a Nokia C021 PCMCIA card (the original 802.11
standard), but will shortly be upgraded to at least 11Mbps. It's a cool
little toy.

It did, however, require a bit of network re-engineering at home. Since
anyone with half a clue doesn't trust WEP (and let's face it, even Wired
Equivalent Privacy taken literally isn't that great - how easy is
it to sniff packets off a wire?), I set up roma to act as a VPN
server for PPTP (ugh, I know, but it's all Windows CE supports) and IPsec
clients. Wireless clients are given a address when they first
connect, and can't get at anything except the gateway,, until
they establish a VPN connection to the server. They can do DNS queries on
the domain, but that's all. Kinda cute

Just before, I was lying on the bed, reading slashdot on an iPAQ with WLAN
and loving it. Today, for once, was a good day.