I just received word from RMIT that my pay claims broke their payroll
system! Cool!

I've been tutoring there since summer semester of 2001-2002, and had not
submitted a pay claim before this month. Apparently the system assumes
you'll never have more than 100 or so individual claims, so it broke
when I submitted more than that all in one hit . Hehehehe....

My issue with the payroll system is that it runs on a non-standard port
(meaning that the Telstra web proxy doesn't allow access to it), only
supports Netscape 4.7 or earlier, uses static Location: redirects
which seems to break in that particular version of Netscape and uses
broken Javascript for page validation. Well, OK, that's more than one
issue. No wonder people submit their claims in one huge clump

The upside of my being slack with the claims is that I get a nice wad of
cash on the 14th of November ;)