Did SFA today.

Supposed to write some HTML parsing code for TRL today, but I just
couldn't bring myself to do it. They hired me for R&D, not for CGI
programming, and all I've been doing for 6 months is - guess what - CGI
programming. I'm getting really sick of perl and
really sick of HTML. Can't stand it.

Played some CS on Wireplay - they had some weird lag thing going, so
everyone was pinging at about 600ms. Not good. Found another usable server
(imagine that - me, with a 56k modem, complaining that a server was laggy.
It was bloody shocking, I tell you) and didn't do too badly, considering
that there was only one other 56ker online and we were holding our own
with the LPBs

Hungry. Tired. Hate TRL and HATE HATE HATE CGI/perl/HTML. Wouldn't mind
coding something useful for a change - this code's just going to get
thrown out as soon as this bloke from OnAir gives me account info for one
of their database servers, so it's going to have a life-span of, oh, maybe
a week... Good way to waste a few days