Finally managed to get some work done today.

Arrived back from Brisbane on Monday morning and was completely wrecked for
the next two days. Had to get up at 0600 (no big deal) to catch my 0815
flight out of Brisbane, arrived in Melbourne at 1130 (1 hour time
difference) and came straight to work. Fun...

I collected my machines from TRL and took them all home again, but only have
my workstation and the router up and running so far. It's a bit annoying
because my file server has all my documents etc on it, so I'll try to get
around to getting it back up tonight. The good news is that my place wasn't
broken into over the break, which means I didn't lose any of the stuff I
left behind. Was a nice surprise, really

I have my first tute at RMIT tonight.
Well, OK, that's not strictly true - I had one on Monday night but I was
too exhausted to go, after just having returned to the city and having been
run ragged for the entire day and the week before. So tonight is my first
actual tute. Should be interesting - it's a masters' subject, "Web
Site Construction," which means I'll probably be correcting rudimentary
HTML for a while. Hmm. Yeah, sounds like fun. But hey, they're paying me

Went looking for some retail antennae for the Melbourne wireless LAN project,
but couldn't find any for less than $400. Ouch. Had a chat to one of the EM
guys at TRL, who gave me a few pointers on building one, so that might
happen sometime over the weekend if I don't come up with anything better to