In this day and age, it's almost an anachronism to use the phrase, "In this day and age," but... in this day and age, good customer service really isn't the norm. It was a very pleasant surprise, then, to see such a good example of it this afternoon.

I got a flat battery on my bike two days before Christmas. Having replaced the battery, which was toast, and refused to hold a charge, I discovered that the new one wasn't being charged by the bike. (This probably explains why the old battery was toast - lead-acid batteries don't like being left discharged for any length of time.)

I dropped the bike in to Brisbane Motorcycles, where they said that they'd have a look it on either Monday or Tuesday of this week, and give me a call either on Tuesday or Wednesday to let me know how long it'd take and what it was likely to cost.

Them: By the way, when did you buy the bike?
Me: August 2008.
Them: New?
Me: Yep.
Them: Oh, okay. It'll still be under warranty, then. We'll sort it out for you.
Me: But I didn't even buy it from you - you'd sold out of them.
Them: That's okay - we're a Honda dealer, so we'll just bill them for you :)
Me: WTF? Cool! Thank you!

The kicker is that they didn't phone me on Tuesday or Wednesday to tell me when it'd be done. They phoned me on Wednesday to tell me that it was done, and that I could pick it up whenever I wanted.