I sent this to TPG (my current ISP) and thought that others might get some amusement out of it. I'll comment on this blog post if/when I receive a reply from them.

Just to be clear about this: I like TPG. They're great. I've never had any problems with them and, believe me, that's very rare for anyone in the software and/or telecommunications industries.


I have my home phone line with Telstra and an ADSL2+ connection with TPG.

I hate Telstra.

I like TPG.

I'd like to give Telstra as little money as I possibly can, especially as they've irritated me - yet again - by breaking their online billing service and then spamming me about BigPond.

Do you have a naked DSL offering, or is there one in the pipeline? Failing that, what's the best way for me to give the least possible amount of money to Telstra?