I don't take my camera out for fun enough at the moment.

There are a whole bunch of valid reasons, starting with the entrance of a small human into the world almost three years ago, a whole bunch of work on and lots of other contributing factors. That said, the end result is that I'm doing far too little of something that's very dear to me.

Training myself to observe the world around me and seek out the beautiful, the incongruous, the striking and all the other images waiting to be captured was the reason I was drawn to photography back in the early 2000s. It makes me both happy and sad to think that some of my favourite images are from so long ago - happy because it means I wasn't awful at it, even then, but sad because I know there are so many I'm missing out on.

I have many (many!) thousands of images of Laura and it's a poor day when I don't at least take a handful of her, but although she's the most important part of my world she's not the only part of it, and I want to start paying attention to those other parts again.

I'm committing to myself that I'm going to take at least one walk every week and go searching for the beauty in the world. It can be a short walk between clients or a stroll at lunch, but I'm going to take a walk with no other purpose than taking photos.

If you see that I haven't posted something in a few days, please prod me. And if you like what I do post, please let me know.