Mike's "tribal" party last night was good fun. I'd initially thought I'd just cheat and wear a loincloth, but at the last minute decided that I'd go on a mad shopping spree and make myself a costume.

The results? See for yourself when I post the photos

Hats off to Ed Hyde-Page, who comfortably wins the award for the most brave-but-stupid action of the night, in picking up an entire burning log (yes, right out of the bonfire) and throwing it back in several seconds later. Fadge and Simon hadn't been planning on a trip to the emergency room, but trips to Logan Hospital's ED late on a Saturday night are always an edifying experience, so I'm sure they didn't mind *too* much...

In other news, I'm a bit irritated with Facebook's RSS importer. Sorry people whom I've tagged in previous notes; it does weird things and occasionally duplicates stuff I've written, which means you get tagged twice - and also means that I have almost 40 notes to go and delete one by one. Grr.