I wrote in a Facebook status update yesterday that I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Seven was only broadcasting one video stream from the Olympics, despite having three SD digital channels and one HD channel available to them.

As it turns out, they're actually prevented by our legislation. None of the commercial stations are permitted to multi-channel; only the ABC and SBS. Buggered if I can understand that.

Not all the blame for the woeful coverage can be laid at the federal government's door, however - I'm sure that three streams from Seven would have had the same woeful switching, the same pathetic commentary (come on, people, at least *pretend* you're not reading from a script provided by BOCOG) and the same lack of interest shown in any sports in which Australia wasn't a medal hopeful.

I still can't believe, for example, that they broadcast the entire football match between Australia and Argentina last night. Sure, it was great to watch, but weren't there any other sports on in those 90-odd minutes? Oh, never mind - our synchronised divers placed 5th, and it only would have taken 2 minutes to give them a bit of coverage, but that would have required commentators who knew something and a producer who actually gave a toss.

So really, it's the government's fault that FTA viewers only get one woeful channel instead of three woeful channels, but the blame for the degree of woefulness still lies fairly and squarely on Seven.

Foxtel? But that involves giving Telstra money. Ugh. YouTube is your friend.