Well, I guess there are some good things that come of working on a public holiday. At least I can spare myself five minutes to write a blog post

For one, I've actually managed to get some work done without being interrupted, which has led me to a depressing realisation: I can do more in two hours without being interrupted than I can during a whole normal business day. Bugger :p

The weekend (apart from today) was actually pretty good; breakfast on Saturday morning, and a ride and a BBQ (happy 30th, David!) on Sunday.

Syndia picked up some foam rubber for her briefcase (exam toolkit), and we picked up a few remaining items that she needed (ophthalmoscope, new stethoscope etc) and she spent an hour happily cutting shapes out of the foam to make them all fit. Of course, after she'd finished, she wanted to practise her examination skills, which mean that I got to be poked, prodded and stuck with pins (literally!) once again. Fadge dropped around on Sunday evening, too, which was great - Syndia's eyes lit up at the prospect of another victim, and she promptly started sticking pins into him as well.

In other news, I've been experimenting recently with different ways to publish photos, since I'm sick of having so many stashes of them around the place, so many backups, and so many different ways of tagging people in them. I've tried Flickr; I've tried Picasa; I've tried Facebook and I've even written my own RSS feed generator for uglybugger.org (which fails only because there are too many photos and most feed readers barf).

I'm thinking of settling on Picasa, primarily because it has a really nice Facebook uploading application. What does everyone else do? Anyone?