So... it would appear that I've landed in BKK and am in a hotel somewhere.

This one's a short trip (work, not play) and I'm going to be the most boring traveller known to humankind.

Thailand is renowned for its:

  • culture
  • food
  • beaches
  • night life

and while I'm here I'm going to:

  • arrive when it's dark, fly out when it's dark and work in between
  • not try any too-adventurous dishes as my flight back is pretty soon after I arrive and if I'm sick for a nine-hour flight it's not going to be pleasant. And I really need to be functional when I return.
  • not have any daylight hours to go exploring
  • sleep when it's dark.

What I am going to do is take every opportunity to fill up my phone with photos. Watch this space.