... and why you should care.

So you think Australia's going to be exempt from the global economic downturn? Really? Still? Well, how about we cripple most of our online infrastructure so that we can give another country or fifty a fair go instead? We're so far ahead of them, right? We can afford to give them a running start, right?

And since we're either an entire nation of child molesters or an entire nation of sheep, we really should let the guv'mint do what it thinks is best, despite having been elected on a platform entirely unrelated to this particular issue.

Let's see: Ratify the Kyoto protocol; evict John from the house; go green; have lots of Facebook friends; build a national broadband network. Oh, and then fuck it up royally before it's even built, and massively degrade large chunks of our existing infrastructure. We must have collectively missed that bit of the Kev and Wayne show's policy platform. More fool we.

If you value your online freedom, go to� GetUp! Campaign Actions. Sign the petition. Write to your local member. Write to Senator Stevo and ask him where his head's currently stuck. Write to Kev and Wayne and ask what they think this is going to do for our economy - and how little it's going to do to prevent illegal activity at the same time. Demand a written response, and don't settle for a form letter. They're your representatives, people, so demand that they represent your opinions. Actually pay some attention, everyone, or you'll deserve what you're about to get.

That's right, people - your mates, Kev, Wayne and Stevo are all right behind this monumentally stupid idea. You can't vote with your feet or your wallet; you can only vote with your sodding vote - so do it properly next time, and warn them that you're going to.