Okay, so I've finally gotten around to buying my iPhone. Following a recommendation from a friend, I bought Tweetie from the app store and proceeded to tweet one simple question: "Okay, so I have Tweetie 2, Dropbox, Facebook, Google (Google Apps Sync rocks now that it has Exchange emulation and push email!) and Remote on my #iPhone. What other apps do I want?"


After digging myself out from under the deluge of tweets and Facebook comments in reply, I've distilled them down to a collection of apps that every iPhone should have.


The best Twitter client, bar none.


The official app. It's actually half decent, especially considering the quality of the code that Facebook developers usually seem to produce. This app's by Joe Hewitt, though (of Firebug fame, amongst other things) and I'm not going to do him the discourtesy of lumping him in with the rest of them. (Sorry Facebook guys, but the hiring quizzes on your web site only make you look cool if you actually produce good code. Stop breaking WebKit and Opera support!)

Beejive IM

The best instant messaging client. It does all the usual protocols (Yahoo, AIM, Live Messenger, ICQ etc.) plus Facebook. The latest version even supports push notifications, so you can receive messages even when you're not running the app.


For anyone who hasn't signed up for Dropbox yet, see my "Live Mesh, I'm breaking up with you" post from a while back or just sign up here using my referrer link. Dropbox is brilliant. It uses Amazon's S3 cloud to store all your stuff (up to 100Gb of it on their standards plans), and the iPhone app provides access to all of it on demand.


Umm... Maps, Latitude, Tasks, Calendar, Mail... what more needs be said?


One of the most gorgeous e-book readers you'll ever come across. Remember, I've just come from Mobipocket on Windows Mobile, and there's simply no comparison.


Urbanspoon will find you food. It defaults to your current location and will find you a random food outlet nearby. Shake it and it'll find you another. You can choose to specify price range, type of food and/or location, and let it auto-pick the rest. Read the review(s) it provides of the place it's suggested, and off you go.


Everyone knows what this one does. Just go download it.


Remote will allow you to control your laptop's iTunes instance from your phone over your local WiFi network. Not only that, but if you have a bunch of friends over and put it into DJ mode, your friends can request tracks from your music library and vote on their order in the playlist.


Possibly the simplest app ever. For all those people who've joined the "I Use my Cell Phone to See in the Dark" Facebook group, this one's for you.