Google has just opened its Google Public DNS service to the public. It's very cool, but I'll come back to that. The coolest features of all, however, are the IP addresses at which the DNS servers live:

Odds are I'll never need to remember the IP address of another DNS server as long as I live :)

Okay, the other cool stuff. Firstly, it pre-fetches a bunch of records; secondly, it handles recursive lookups; very importantly, it doesn't do the dodgy resolve-to-ugly-spammer-sites that lots of other DNS services do when they can't resolve a particular hostname.

It'd be nice to see localised versions of these so that those of us not in the United States of Litigation don't have to wait for packets to hop the pond and back, but I'm sure that will happen with time.

Oh, and for all the tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists out there: yes, this means that Google can tell whose hostname you're looking up. Face it, though, you're probably going to be going there as a result of a Google search anyway, so they already know. I'd trust Google to "Do no evil" way before I'd trust my local ISP.