As per my New Beginnings post, I've tried a couple of times recently to move to FunnelWeb. I've failed. The reasons for my failure are simple:

  • I wanted to host everything on AppHarbor.
  • I wanted everything (including posts and comments) under source control.
  • I wanted a custom look and feel.

Everything that I wanted could be done using FunnelWeb, but when I started doing it I realised that I was re-working lots of code that I didn't actually expect to use in production and that, in a nutshell, a blog is just a web site and making a database-driven web site only really makes sense when there are frequently-changing data.

In addition, I kept finding myself firing up Visual Studio in order to write code snippets, then doing horrible things to them (I'm looking at you, Windows Live Writer) in order to make them appear. If I'd used FunnelWeb then I could use markdown (good) but then I'd have had to use Visual Studio to write any code snippets anyway.

I thought about it some more, and decided that I like writing code in Visual Studio, and can live with using it as my main blog text editor. So... blog posts are all now written using VS.

The other advantage of having a blog that's entirely under source control is that it's trivial to back up, restore and redeploy - and I can deploy it anywhere.

There's a bunch of stuff that doesn't work yet, but I can live with that. RSS isn't hooked up properly; hence feeding to Twitter (TwitterFeed via RSS) doesn't work. Comments aren't ready for prime-time either, but I expect they'll be done shortly. There's also no mobile browser detection, but that's in the pipeline.

Why did I want to change in the first place? Because there have been lots of blog posts that I've found myself wanting to write, but needing to include too many code snippets. Gists are fine but hurt to include via script tags; pre-formatted code blocks are ick and screenshots are kind of pointless when my goal is to allow people to easily copy/paste the code I'm posting. So... now that my roadblocks are mostly out of the way, expect to see more useful stuff here. You can hold me to that :)